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LP2951DR Power Regulator IC LDO Voltage Regulators Adj Micropwr Vltg Reg

Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Adjustable (Fixed) 1 Output 100mA 8-SOIC
Flash Memory IC Chip
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Manufacturer Kit:
Texas Instruments
Line Regulation:
0.2 % / V
Ib - Input Bias Current:
75 UA
Voltage Regulation Accuracy:
1.4 %
Dropout Voltage - Max:
80 MV At 100 UA
3.91 Mm
High Light:

digital voltage regulator ic


electronic voltage regulator circuit


LP2951DR Power Regulator IC LDO Voltage Regulators Adj Micropwr Vltg Reg


1 Features

  • Wide Input Range: Up to 30 V
  • Rated Output Current of 100 mA

  • Low Dropout: 380 mV (Typ) at 100 mA

  • Low Quiescent Current: 75 μA (Typ)

  • Tight Line Regulation: 0.03% (Typ)

  • Tight Load Regulation: 0.04% (Typ)

  • High VO Accuracy

    • – 1.4% at 25°C

    • – 2% Over Temperature

  • Can Be Used as a Regulator or Reference

  • Stable With Low ESR (>12 mΩ) Capacitors

  • Current- and Thermal-Limiting Features

  • LP2950 Only (3-Pin Package)

– Fixed-Output Voltages of 5 V, 3.3 V, and 3 V • LP2951 Only (8-Pin Package)

  • – Fixed- or Adjustable-Output Voltages: 5 V/ADJ, 3.3 V/ADJ, and 3 V/ADJ

  • – Low-Voltage Error Signal on Falling Output

  • – Shutdown Capability

  • – Remote Sense Capability for Optimal Output Regulation and Accuracy


2 Applications

• Applications with High-Voltage Input • Power Supplies


3 Description

The LP2950 and LP2951 devices are bipolar, low- dropout voltage regulators that can accommodate a wide input supply-voltage range of up to 30 V. The easy-to-use, 3-pin LP2950 is available in fixed-output voltages of 5 V, 3.3 V, and 3 V. However, the 8-pin LP2951 is able to output either a fixed or adjustable output from the same device. By tying the OUTPUT and SENSE pins together, and the FEEDBACK and VTAP pins together, the LP2951 outputs a fixed 5 V, 3.3 V, or 3 V (depending on the version). Alternatively, by leaving the SENSE and VTAP pins open and connecting FEEDBACK to an external resistor divider, the output can be set to any value between 1.235 V to 30 V.

Device Information





TO-92 (3)

4.83 mm x 4.83 mm


SOIC (8)

4.90 mm x 3.90 mm

SON (8)

3.00 mm x 3.00 mm

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