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UC2543J Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits , Lithium Battery Charger Chip Over Voltage Latch

Power Supply Controller Power Supply, Supervisor 16-CDIP
Flash Memory IC Chip
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Supply Voltage - Min:
4.5 V
Supply Voltage - Max:
40 V
Minimum Operating Temperature:
- 25 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:
+ 85 C
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battery charge management ic


microchip battery management


UC2543J Power Path Management IC Supervisory Circuits Pwr SUPPLY SUPERVISORY CIRCUIT



  • Includes Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage, and Current Sensing Circuits

  • Internal 1% Accurate Reference

  • Programmable Time Delays

  • SCR “Crowbar” Drive of 300 mA

  • Remote Activation Capability

  • Optional Over-Voltage Latch

  • Uncommitted Comparator Inputs for Low

    Voltage Sensing (UC1544 Series Only)



The monolithic integrated circuits contain all the functions necessary to monitor and control the output

of a sophisticated power supply system. Over-voltage (O.V.) sensing with provision to trigger an external SCR “crowbar” shutdown; an undervoltage (U.V.) circuit which can be used to monitor either the output or to sample the input line voltage; and a third op amp/comparator usable for current sensing (C.L.) are all included in this device, together with an independent, accurate reference generator.

Both over- and under-voltage sensing circuits can be externally programmed for minimum time duration of fault before triggering. All functions contain open collector outputs which can be used independently or wire-or’ed together, and although the SCR trigger is directly connected only to the over-voltage sensing circuit, it may be optionally activated by any of the other outputs, or from an external signal. The O.V. circuit also includes an optional latch and external reset capability.

The UC1544/2544/3544 devices have the added versatility of completely uncommitted inputs to the voltage sensing comparators so that levels less than 2.5 V may be monitored by dividing down the internal reference voltage. The current sense circuit may be used with external compensation as a linear amplifier or as a highgain comparator. Although nominally set for zero input offset, a fixed threshold may be added with an external resistor. Instead of current limiting, this circuit may also be used as an additional voltage monitor.

The reference generator circuit is internally trimmed to eliminate the need for external potentiometers and the entire circuit may be powered directly from either the output being monitored or from a separate bias voltage.




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