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2MHz MP2451DT SMD Switching Voltage Regulators For Power Management

2MHz MP2451DT SMD Switching Voltage Regulators  For Power Management
Flash Memory IC Chip
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2MHz SMD Switching Voltage Regulators


MP2451DT Switching Voltage Regulators


MP2451DT Power Management Chip


MP2451DT Switching Voltage Regulators MP2451DT-LF-Z MP2451 SMD power management chip

MP2451 36V, 2MHz, 0.6A Step-Down Converter

MP2451DT MP2451 MP2451DT-LF-Z SOT23-6 (silk screen IV7) SMD power management chip In Stock



The MP2451 is a high frequency (2MHz) step- down switching regulator with integrated
internal high-side high voltage power MOSFET.
It provides single 0.6A (or less) highly efficient output with current mode control for fast loop
The wide 3.3V to 36V input range accommodates a variety of step-down applications in automotive input environment.

3μA shutdown mode quiescent current allows use in battery-powered applications.
High power conversion efficiency over a wide load range is achieved by scaling down the
switching frequency at light load condition to reduce the switching and gate driving losses.
Frequency fold-back helps prevent inductor current runaway during start-up. Thermal
shutdown provides reliable, fault-tolerant operation.
The MP2451 is available in the cost-effective SOT23-6 and TSOT23-6 packages.


130μA Operating Quiescent Current
Wide 3.3V to 36V Operating Input Range
500m Internal Power MOSFET
2MHz fixed Switching Frequency
Internally compensated
Stable with Ceramic Output Capacitors
Internal Soft-Start
Precision Current Limit Without Current
Sensing Resistor
> 90% Efficiency
Output Adjustable from +0.8V to 0.8xVIN
3μA Low Shutdown Supply Current
SOT23-6 and TSOT23-6 Packages

High Voltage Power Conversion
Automotive Systems
Industrial Power Systems
Distributed Power Systems
Battery Powered Systems


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