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3.3V 150mA SOT25-5 XC6209B332MR LDO Voltage Regulators

3.3V 150mA SOT25-5 XC6209B332MR LDO Voltage Regulators
Flash Memory IC Chip
Payment Method:
Line Regulation:
0.01 %/V
Load Regulation:
15 MV
Operating Supply Current:
25 UA
Power Dissipation:
250 MW
Product Type:
LDO Voltage Regulators
Mounting Style:

XC6209B332MR LDO Voltage Regulators


SOT25-5 LDO Voltage Regulators




XC6209B332MR LDO Voltage Regulators XC6209B332MR XC6209B332 6209B332 XC6209 PMIC

High Speed LDO Regulators Low ESR Cap.Compatible,Output ON/OFFControl
XC6209 Series

XC6209F332MR-G XC6209F282MR-G XC6209F302MR-G XC6209F502MR-G XC6209F252MR-G
XC6209F182MR-G XC6209B202DR-G XC6209B182PR-G XC6209B331MR-G XC6209B292MR-G XC6209B122DR-
G XC6209B132MR-G XC6209C332MR-G XC6209F252DR-G XC6209F40AMR-G XC6209G302MR-G
XC6209D242MR-G XC6209F331PR-G XC6209A502PR-G XC6209A302PR-G XC6209B152MR-G XC6209A282DR-
G XC6209C222MR-G XC6209C28ADR-G XC6209A252MR-G XC6209A302MR-G XC6209A182DR-G
XC6209B162DR-G XC6209A122MR-G XC6209A25AMR-G XC6209A182MR-G XC6209A452PR-G
XC6209B112MR-G XC6209G122DR-G XC6209E331MR-G XC6209B312MR-G XC6209B14AMR-G
XC6209B212DR-G XC6209B122MR-G XC6209A331PR-G XC6209D502MR-G XC6209E332MR-G
XC6209B422MR-G XC6209B46AMR-G XC6209C202MR-G XC6209F292MR-G XC6209F401MR-G
XC6209A451PR-G XC6209B342DR-G XC6209B302DR-G XC6209B462DR-G XC6209E28AMR-G XC6209B392DR-
G XC6209B382MR-G XC6209F331MR-G XC6209F152MR-G XC6209F55AMR-G XC6209H332PR-G
XC6209B202MR-G XC6209B322MR-G XC6209B552MR-G XC6209F12ADR-G XC6209F12AMR-G
XC6209F152DR-G XC6209A332MR-G XC6209B182DR-G XC6209B332DR-G XC6209B332PR-G XC6209B392MR-
G XC6209F342MR-G XC6209F302DR-G XC6209F422MR-G XC6209E282MR-G XC6209F551MR-G
XC6209F552MR-G XC6209F571DR-G XC6209B17ADR-G XC6209B331DR-G XC6209B192DR-G XC6209B252MR-
G XC6209B302MR-G XC6209E272PR-G XC6209F122MR-G XC6209F252PR-G XC6209F28AMR-G
XC6209F33AMR-G XC6209F452PR-G XC6209D282MR-G XC6209B132PR-G XC6209B162MR-G XC6209F502DR-
G XC6209B152DR-G XC6209B232MR-G XC6209B312DR-G XC6209F272DR-G XC6209F272MR-G
XC6209A332PR-G XC6209A222MR-G XC6209A532MR-G XC6209B11ADR-G
Data Sheet


LDO Voltage Regulators 300mA High Speed LDO Regulator


Positive Voltage Regulator

Part number


Package / Case SOT-25-5
Output Voltage 3.3 V
Output Current 150 mA
Number of Outputs 1 Output
Quiescent Current 25 uA
Input Voltage MAX 10 V
Input Voltage MIN 2 V


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